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Welcome to the Maryland Wood Bridge Challenge website! Thank you for your interest in this wonderful competition and exciting learning opportunity. In just the past three years, over $5,200 has been awarded in scholarships & prizes to outstanding students, teachers, & mentors, all while introducing hundreds of students to engineering design through an engaging competition that brings together math, science, & technical skills. How does it work?


Picture a bridge… Maybe you conjure the Golden Gate or Brooklyn Bridge; perhaps the Bay Bridge or a cable-stayed bridge driving to the ocean; a steel truss or concrete girder highway bridge.

Now picture this bridge being less than the mass of five nickels – and holding perhaps a couple thousand times its own mass! (Could you could support 300,000 pounds over your head ??)

This is the Wood Bridge Challenge: with only basswood and a chosen adhesive, students aim to build the best combination of a light & strong bridge to meet a set of specifications, in the name of learning, competition, prizes, & extraordinary fun!


The 2017 Maryland Wood Bridge Challenge will be held at the Baltimore Museum of Industry on Saturday, February 04.

The 2017 competition (see 2017 specifications, p. 1) will, for a 4th year, include:

1) a scholarship for an optional technical report competition, and

2) an award and $200 prize to recognize one teacher or mentor for their outstanding efforts.

Please send reports (as a PDF) and nominations to


WHY participate? The challenge is a positively rewarding experience, one that will allow you to experience engineering, science, & math outside the classroom and perhaps help you find or clarify a passion for those fields.  The competition will also help when you apply for scholarships, give you a head start over other students entering college, & reinforce through a practical project what you learn in math, physics, & technology education.

As a competitor myself in high school, I learned an enormous amount first-hand about how forces travel through a structure, and how the structure resists those forces efficiently. In my experience I discovered a tremendous passion for bridge engineering and my true career aspirations.

Students placing 1st & 2nd in each region will earn the opportunity to compete in Chicago at the International Bridge Building Contest. We will also fund scholarships for the state winner(s).

Have fun & good luck; I hope to see you at the competition in February!

Jeff Krummel,

Competition Chair

Updated November 30, 2016 by the 2017 Maryland Wood Bridge Challenge Committee

Click HERE for Maryland’s 2017 specifications.

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